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Author: Topic: Thoughts on Monero? (Read 1344 times) This is a self-moderated topic. If you do not want to be moderated by the person who started this topic, create a.Allow rig to boot completely with just one GPU, then update ethOS.Raw Copy Tool will recognize the drive and allow you to clone the ethOS.img onto the drive, sector for sector.These fixes must ONLY be run on ethOS 1.2.9. Do not run these fixes if you are not affected by the problem that the fixes resolve.

It is best to have your rig stable for 24 hours before attempting overclocks.By providing your email address, you consent to receive information and updates on CoinGecko.Prior to updating, reboot your rig (a fresh rig is important for a successful update).To use your remote config, see: Setting up your own remote config.

NOTE: To retrieve your wallet address, you can email it to yourself, then open the browser with browser and retreive it from your email.As of the current design, there will only be 21 million Bitcoin ever created, thus making it a deflationary currency unlike fiat currencies.After it is done, it is safe to shutdown and power off your rig.Using a Pool that Requires Workers, Usernames, and Passwords (suprnova).

Paste the gethelp link in the support channel, describe the issue in your own words, include recent changes and any troubleshooting steps that you have done.Allows iGPU to be used with more than 9 GPUs on AMDGPU (RX) rigs.Follow this guide for configuring ethOS to work on these pools.To switch your worker name and assign a rack location, follow the below guide.

If, after mining for 24 hours, your pool effective hashrate is unexpectedly low, follow the below guide.IMPORTANT: After updating and rebooting, wait for the ethOS desktop to display.You can do this process for any component that you suspect is faulty.moneromooo-monero / bitmonero forked. inc include-loc include indexdat init-hashes-0.11. found on our Bitcointalk.After the droplet is created, follow the SSH guide to SSH to your DigitalOcean droplet.

Set proxypool1 and proxypool2 to your Monero pools (both pools must be defined).If you do not have a remote server, you can use DigitalOcean.Bitcointalk:; Telegram: https:. Phần mềm độc hại của Monero Miner nhắm vào DoubleClick của.

After you set overclocks, you can either reboot, and the rig will take the new config and apply the new clocks automatically, or you can run.Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate around the text and delete the default wallet.

Crypto project event list with filtering by date, by project and by event type.The rig will boot to the ethOS desktop, and the fans will ramp up.All of the jacks must have PCI-E power cables plugged in, there must not be any empty jacks.

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