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Available Media Event-driven programming (EDP) is the prevalent paradigm for graphical user interfaces, web clients, and it is rapidly gaining importance for server-side and network programming.CCSP: Controlled Relaxation of Content Security Policies by Runtime Policy Composition.We achieve these ends through the use of formally verified protocols that bind low-bitrate data channels to heterogeneous audio channels.Junior Ballroom Session Chair: Long Lu, Stony Brook University.Our formal analysis and empirical evaluation demonstrate that, compared to CFI based on static analysis, P ITTY P AT ensures that applications satisfy stronger security guarantees, with acceptable overhead for security-critical contexts.We develop a novel dynamic framework, C ON G UARD, that can effectively detect and exploit harmful race conditions.We perform an extensive evaluation of the design of CCSP by focusing on the general security guarantees it provides, its backward compatibility and its deployment cost.Several implementations meet or beat the performance of unverified, state-of-the-art cryptographic libraries.In this paper we demonstrate that shared event loops are vulnerable to side-channel attacks, where a spy process monitors the loop usage pattern of other processes by enqueueing events and measuring the time it takes for them to be dispatched.

In this paper, we present Digtool, an effective, binary-code-only, kernel vulnerability detection framework.We carry out extensive analysis and real-world experiments to validate the security and performance of our proposed protocol.CHAINIAC: Proactive Software-Update Transparency via Collectively Signed Skipchains and Verified Builds.In this paper, we survey the set of techniques found in the wild that are intended to prevent data-scrubbing operations from being removed during dead store elimination.Our measurements serve as a lens into the fragile ecosystem of IoT devices.We demonstrate that an untrusted operating system can observe enclave page accesses without resorting to page faults, by exploiting other side-effects of the address translation process.Seeing Through The Same Lens: Introspecting Guest Address Space At Native Speed.

We propose a new approach of extracting a variable number of nonce bits from these sequences, and improve upon the best theoretical result to recover private keys in a lattice attack with as few as 50 signatures and corresponding traces.Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends. It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and.A subset of these SOP rules controls the interaction between the host document and an embedded document, and this subset is the target of our research (SOP-DOM).

Most fuzzing efforts—especially feedback fuzzing—are limited to user space components of an operating system (OS), although bugs in kernel components are more severe, because they allow an attacker to gain access to a system with full privileges.To date, our deployed pools have handled a peak hashrate of 30 GHs from Ethereum miners, resulting in 105 blocks, costing miners a mere 0:6% of block rewards in transaction fees.Ellen Cram Kowalczyk, Microsoft Available Media Why do products still enter the market with easily-found security issues.Achieving correctness and completeness in the training is highly challenging.Moreover, these techniques require training to detect low level memory dependencies across partitions.She has spoken at many conferences including RSA and multiple B-Sides.

We have implemented vTZ on Xen 4.8 on both ARMv7 and ARMv8 development boards.What opportunities await security students graduating with a PhD.Our extensive evaluation shows that our mitigation (i) can stop available real-world rowhammer attacks, (ii) imposes virtually no runtime overhead for common user and kernel benchmarks as well as commonly used applications, and (iii) does not affect the stability of the overall system.Available Media We present a new approach for detecting credential spearphishing attacks in enterprise settings.To address this risk, we recommend technical and nontechnical interventions, as well as propose future research directions.Meng Xu and Taesoo Kim, Georgia Institute of Technology Available Media Due to the continued exploitation of Adobe Reader, malicious document (maldoc) detection has become a pressing problem.

Whirlpool. Search. Australian broadband news. Discussion forum Job board. 7 Feb 2018 Wednesday round-up NBN take-up dips as low as 39 percent iTNews.Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Shuai Wang, Pei Wang, Xiao Liu, Danfeng Zhang, and Dinghao Wu, The Pennsylvania State University Available Media Side-channel attacks recover secret information by analyzing the physical implementation of cryptosystems based on non-functional computational characteristics, e.g. time, power, and memory usage.Previous proposals on rowhammer mitigations either require hardware changes or follow heuristic-based approaches (based on CPU performance counters).N INJA leverages a hardware-assisted isolated execution environment Trust-Zone to transparently trace and debug a target application with the help of Performance Monitor Unit and Embedded Trace Macrocell.We will go through specific methods of how to engage people on security in a way that leads to action.In the end, we conclude that the deployment of CCSP can be done with limited efforts and would lead to significant benefits for the large majority of the websites.We demonstrate that within this model, it is possible to design a new type of blended algorithm for the task of privately computing the most popular records of a web search log.

While the results from our expert interviews confirm the ecological validity of the lab study results, they additionally highlight that even educated users prefer solutions that are easy to use.Jianfeng Pan, Guanglu Yan, and Xiaocao Fan, IceSword Lab, 360 Internet Security Center Available Media Discovering vulnerabilities in operating system (OS) kernels and patching them is crucial for OS security.The result is the first full implementation of an SGX-based blockchain.Despite their benefits, these software-exposed energy management mechanisms pose grave security implications that have not been studied before.We also present a use case in which an erroneous print of a tibial knee prosthesis is identified.We address this challenge by leveraging multiple independent data sources: email complaints sent to exit operators, commercial IP blacklists, webpage crawls via Tor, and privacy-sensitive measurements of our own Tor exit nodes.

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